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OnlineMed uses state of the art high technology that allows the recording of several vital signs, remotely using your cell phone. As simple as taking a "selfie" for 80 seconds, this advanced software performs 19 tests with remarkable accuracy and ease, at a very reasonable cost.

Set out below are the tests and description thereof.
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1. Wellness Score
2. Heart Rate
3. Breathing Rate
4. PRG
5. Oxygen Saturation
6. Blood Pressure
7. Stress Level
8. Stress Index
9. Recovery Ability (PNS zone)
10. PNS Index
11. Mean RRi
13. SD1
14. Stress Response (SNS zone)
15. SNS index
16. SD2
17. RRi raw data
19. LF/HF
9. Recovery Ability (PNS zone)
The Recovery Ability that is also known as “rest and digest'' response refers to the body’s ability to recover, accumulate energy, and regulate bodily functions after stressful occurrences. This is part of the autonomic system that consists of two sub-systems, the sympathetic (Stress Response) system and the parasympathetic (Recovery Ability) system. Your Heart Rate Variability is reflected in the balance between these two sub-systems.

There are three zones of Recovery Ability:

The normal and high zones are more desirable than the low zone. In the normal and high zones, the body is able to effectively conserve energy, relax, or recover from a stressful occurrence.

The parasympathetic metric measures the activity of the PNS and indicates how capable a person is of relaxing or recovering after stressful events. A low zone would indicate a stressful state, while a high zone would suggest calmness.

The system plays an important role in alleviating stress and promoting recovery. It does so by inhibiting the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and ceasing the production of stress hormones. It returns bodily functions to their resting state by slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, and restoring regular breathing, digestion, and glandular activity.

The recovery ability is derived from the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) index. The PNS Index calculation is based on the following three parameters: Mean RRi, RMSSD, and SD1.

These zones should be used as a guide only. Seek a doctor’s advice in order to obtain a valid diagnosis.


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