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OnlineMed uses state of the art high technology that allows the recording of several vital signs, remotely using your cell phone. As simple as taking a "selfie" for 80 seconds, this advanced software performs 19 tests with remarkable accuracy and ease, at a very reasonable cost.

Set out below are the tests and description thereof.
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1. Wellness Score
2. Heart Rate
3. Breathing Rate
4. PRG
5. Oxygen Saturation
6. Blood Pressure
7. Stress Level
8. Stress Index
9. Recovery Ability (PNS zone)
10. PNS Index
11. Mean RRi
13. SD1
14. Stress Response (SNS zone)
15. SNS index
16. SD2
17. RRi raw data
19. LF/HF
4. PRG
The Pulse-Respiration Quotient (PRQ) indicates the state of cardiorespiratory activity. The normal quotient range is 4 to 5. PRQ readings are affected by one’s age, sex, physiological constitution, physical activity, psychophysical and cognitive activity, body posture, environmental influences, and state of health.

The PRQ is calculated by dividing the Heart Rate by the Breathing Rate. It provides additional knowledge that cannot be obtained when analyzing the Heart Rate and the Breathing Rate separately.

The Pulse-Respiration Quotient (PRQ) reflects emergent properties of the complex interplay between cardiac and respiratory activities. The pulse-respiration quotient metric measures to what extent this interplay is functioning normally. A low or high score would indicate that your HR and/or BR are working disproportionately, which may indicate that both the heart and the lungs are working inefficiently. Moreover, a person’s pathophysiological state (the functional changes associated with or resulting from disease or injury) is indicated by abnormal PRQ readings.

These results should be used as a guide only. Seek a doctor’s advice in order to obtain a valid diagnosis.

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