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OnlineMed uses state of the art high technology that allows the recording of several vital signs, remotely using your cell phone. As simple as taking a "selfie" for 80 seconds, this advanced software performs 19 tests with remarkable accuracy and ease, at a very reasonable cost.

Set out below are the tests and description thereof.
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1. Wellness Score
2. Heart Rate
3. Breathing Rate
4. PRG
5. Oxygen Saturation
6. Blood Pressure
7. Stress Level
8. Stress Index
9. Recovery Ability (PNS zone)
10. PNS Index
11. Mean RRi
13. SD1
14. Stress Response (SNS zone)
15. SNS index
16. SD2
17. RRi raw data
19. LF/HF
5. Oxygen Saturation
Oxygen Saturation, or SpO2, is a measure of how much oxygen the red blood cells are carrying from the lungs to the rest of the body. Normal SpO2 for healthy lungs ranges between 95%-100%. For individuals with chronic conditions or lung diseases could be lower than 95%.

A low level of oxygen in the blood is called hypoxemia. Typically, an Oxygen Saturation level lower than 90% is considered hypoxemia, which can be caused by chronic pulmonary diseases (COPD, COVID-19, Asthma, Lung Fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension), heart failure, sleep apnea, anemia, and high-altitude exposure (insufficient oxygen in the air) and medications that suppress breathing control.

Common symptoms of hypoxemia include headache, rapid heart rate, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, confusion, and blueness of the skin and mucus membranes (cyanosis). Oxygen Saturation levels can also be used by athletes to understand whether a decrease in performance is a result of altitude changes or ability.

If you feel that your oxygen Saturation is low, speak to a doctor about your symptoms. They will let you know what is normal for your specific condition.

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