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OnlineMed uses state of the art high technology that allows the recording of several vital signs, remotely using your cell phone. As simple as taking a "selfie" for 80 seconds, this advanced software performs 19 tests with remarkable accuracy and ease, at a very reasonable cost.

Set out below are the tests and description thereof.
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1. Wellness Score
2. Heart Rate
3. Breathing Rate
4. PRG
5. Oxygen Saturation
6. Blood Pressure
7. Stress Level
8. Stress Index
9. Recovery Ability (PNS zone)
10. PNS Index
11. Mean RRi
13. SD1
14. Stress Response (SNS zone)
15. SNS index
16. SD2
17. RRi raw data
19. LF/HF
3. Breathing Rate
The number of breaths you take per minute. The normal at-rest Breathing Rate is 12 to 20 breaths per minute for a healthy adult. In general, breathing rates are slightly faster in women than men.

When you inhale, oxygen enters your lungs and circulates to the various internal organs. When you exhale, carbon dioxide moves out of the body. A normal Breathing Rate plays a critical role in keeping the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide even in the body. If the oxygen level in the blood is low, or if the carbon dioxide level in the blood is high, your Breathing Rate increases.

Various factors affect the Breathing Rate, including injuries, exercise, fever, anxiety, emotions, mood, alcohol, medication, metabolic issues, and medical conditions. A high or low rate might be the result of an activity and therefore does not indicate that there is anything wrong. However, in other cases, such as various diseases, injuries, dehydration, or heart problems, a change in the Breathing Rate may occur that can be considered abnormal, thereby necessitating medical attention.

Knowing your Breathing Rate can help your doctor provide you with medical advice. If your Breathing Rate changes or if you feel that your breathing is too fast or too slow, speak to a doctor about your symptoms.

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